SmartLipo Triplex is the new alternative fat removing method to the conventional liposuction procedure. SmartLipo Triplex is the smarter and most efficient way to get rid of stubborn, unwanted fat. Why? Here are some FAQ about SmartLipo Triplex that will explain the benefits.


How Does SmartLipo Triplex Work?

SmartLipo Triplex, unlike traditional liposuction methods, uses a laser that is inserted under the skin. Once under the skin, the laser delivers energy to the fat cells through a small tube and causes them to rupture. This liquefies the fat cells which are then suctioned out.

The laser is then applied to the underside of the skin which causes minor injury and collagen shrinkage. New collagen is then produced which ultimately results in the tissue tightening.

Why is SmartLipo Triplex better than the traditional method?

Both treatments ultimately remove fat but there are many reasons why SmartLipo Triplex yields better results. Conventional liposuction removes fat and then just leaves you hanging; literally, your skin is hanging.

SmartLipo Triplex on the other hand is composed of both 1440 nm and 1064 nm wave lengths. These two wavelengths not only work together creating a larger disruption of fatty tissue but it also provides excellent skin tightening due to coagulation and stimulation of new collagen growth. This creates a sculpted, high definition look by defining your waistlines or abdominal muscles.

What areas can SmartLipo Triplex be applied to?

There are many different areas of the body SmartLipo Triplex can treat. Those include: “saddle bags”, jawline, arms, breasts, neck, abdomen, “love handles”, “bra fat”, inner thighs, outer thighs and knees.

Here is one of our patient testimonials from a 64-year-old client three weeks after her surgery.