smartlipo vs coolsculpting

Fire Vs. Ice

Smartlipo Triplex vs. CoolSculpting

There are so many people who suffer from stubborn fat that diet and exercise just can’t seem to get rid of.  We’ve all seen the nationwide ads run for CoolSculpting by Zeltiq as they’ve spent millions promoting this body sculpting procedure.  Smartlipo Triplex by Cynosure is highly effective, yet less well know.

First we will compare the processes.  Both procedures are done in-office and do not require general anesthesia. During smartlipo, local anesthesia is used. During Coolsculpting, no local is used. Both procedures are FDA-approved.

Treatment Comparison – Smartlipo vs. Coolsculpting

Process Comparison Smartlipo Triplex CoolSculpting
How treatment works Laser melts away fat using laser-assisted lypolysis. Fat cells may be gently suctioned out. Small section is frozen and then the frozen cells are massaged. Over time the body dissipated the disrupted fat cells.
Doctor inserts small laser wand/fiber through tiny incisions and then targets and melts fat cells. Can target larger areas in one treatment. Coolsculpt uses a vacuum to suck your skin and fat into an applicator with cooling plates. The applicator then freezes the fat cells.
Skin can be tightened during the treatment No skin tightening occurs
Can be done in one treatment. The doctor can actually sculpt your body for better curves and remove more fat in different places. If more than a small area needs to be treated, Coolsculpting requires multiple sessions. It’s a good option for those who are adamant about not having surgery but who are willing to have 4-5 sessions and a slightly less predictable and customized result.

Who is the Ideal Candidate for Each?

Smartlipo Triplex CoolSculpting
Who is the Ideal Patient? You can pinch an inch or more or need skin tightening with the treatment. Can be used for small or larger areas and allows more flexibility in treating an area. Is close to their ideal weight (not obese) and just have a stubborn bulge or two of fat. Good for small target areas of fat.
May need help with skin tightening and fat loss. Is not obese. If you can only pinch an inch, and the skin is tight and can’t be sucked into the Coolsculpting applicator, you might be better off doing Lipolysis.
Skin can be tightened during the treatment No skin tightening occurs
Laser lipolysis is a surgical procedure that is minimally invasive and performed under local anesthesia. The results are a reduction in fat from 70-90% in one treatment.  Can show more dramatic results. You prefer a result with no downtime that is non-invasive. This technology is FDA approved and results in a reduction of fat by 20-25% in the areas treated. One treatment of CoolSculpting will remove about 25% of fat in the treatment area and can be repeated 3-4 months later if desired.

What Don’t You Know – Smartlipo vs. Coolsculpting

Smartlipo Triplex CoolSculpting
What You May Not Know Compression garments may be required if a larger area is treated Nerve damage may occur may occur which can be quite painful and require pain medications.
Costs start at $999 Costs start at $600 per small area
The vast majority of people are happy with their results after just one treatment. Some people start with CoolSculpting and realize they need laser lipolysis.
Cynosure does not reimburse doctors for advertising Smartlipo. Zeltiq reimburses practices for advertising Coolsculpting. Hence you see far more ads.

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