The Holidays are just around the corner and there is no better time than now to book your appointment for Smartlipo Triplex to remove fat from those difficult areas. With Smartlipo Triplex, you can look your BEST at your next family get-together or for that tropical Holiday vacation you'll be taking this winter. If you're curious to learn more,  read the following overview of Smartlipo Triplex then contact us to set up an appointment.

11SmartLipo Triplex Laser Body Sculpting

Sometimes diets and exercise don't rid our bodies of fat cells in certain troublesome areas. Those who are looking for help with eliminating fat in certain areas where it just won’t disappear have had great success with Smartlipo Triples. SmartLipo coagulates the blood vessels under the skin, which helps to tighten the skin around the troubled areas. This minimally invasive procedure will help to remove fat from unwanted areas and Abloom Med Spa is offering SmartLipo Triplex for as low as $1500. This procedure offers a safe and quick way to help you gain the confidence you desire by eliminating unwanted fat.

Areas Of The Body

Certain areas of the body hold onto fat that is often hard for people to get rid of through diet and exercise. Many people dream of having a flat stomach, so the abdomen is a popular area for this procedure. Love handles and fat deposits on the back are often trouble spots as well that we are able to help remove. The area of fat that lies under to neck is a popular area for SmartLipo patients. We can also perform this procedure on your arms and thighs.

Abloom Med Spa

At Abloom Glendale MedSpa we offer the SmartLipo Triplex the newest and most powerful SmartLipo machine available. What it means for our clients is the safest and quickest procedure with minimal downtime. The procedure is performed by our Board Certified Physician Dr. Punia under local anesthesia. The procedure is much safer than traditional liposuction and allows you to go home the same day! There is significantly less pain and discomfort from SmartLipo laser liposuction compared to traditional liposuction and most people are typically able to resume working within 48 hours, compared to a week for traditional liposuction.

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