Trinity Laser Treatments

Improve facial skin clarity, texture and wrinkles without surgery with our Triniti Skin Series treatments!

The Triniti skin series combines three of today’s most effective technologies to achieve total facial renewal.  Save time and get beautiful results with just 3 treatments in 1 session!

Triniti Skin Series Facial Rejuvenation Treatments

As you age, your personality (through facial expressions) and lifestyle (through sun exposure,  alcohol and cigarette consumption, diet, excercise, etc.) leaves an imprint on your aging skin.  Loss of collagen is the key factor in the visible signs of aging, as the skin becomes looser and less firm.

Typically from the age of thirty, a once clear, well defined face begins the aging process as the cheeks droop, nasolabial folds become prominent and wrinkles around the mouth and eyes emerge.  If no preventative action is taken, as the forties are reached, a sculptured jaw line can become saggy jowl line, or a double chin can appear, and wrinkles become ingrained.

In reversing the signs of aging skin it is important to stimulate skin repair by:

  • Encouraging collagen production
  • Increasing skin’s moisture content
  • Improving the skin’s ability to protect itself
  • Encouraging new skin cell growth

Create your anti-aging treatment plan today with the Triniti Skin Series Total Facial Renewal in just 3 treatments!

Each triniti skin series treatment session includes:

1.  Fotofacial RF– Skin Rejuvenation.  Reduce fine lines, red blemishes, superficial broken capillaries, hyperpigmentation, age spots, enlarged pores, rough skin and sun damage.

2. Refirme – Skin Tightening. Targets telltale signs of aging, including: jowl and neck laxity, sagginess under the eyes, saggy brow lines and nasolabial folds.

3.  Matrix IR -Fractional Wrinkle Treatment. Resolves wrinkles, promotes new collagen and skin texture becomes smoother.

A single Triniti skin series session includes all 3 applications!  For more information call us at 623.691.8319 or Request An Appointment Online.