Refirme – A Skin Tightening Treatment with No Downtime!

Using the revolutionary Elos technology, we can effectively reduce wrinkle marks by tightening the skin safely and effectively. Results can vary. Plus there is no downtime and it can be virtually pain-free! This revolutionary new technology has been featured on many popular shows, including The Gretchen Project and The Rachel Ray Show. This treatment is FDA-approved and is effective on all skin types and colors. Results can vary.

Noticeable improvements can include:

  • Reduction in wrinkles and smoother skin
  • Improved skin laxity
  • Tightened and firmed skin
  • Improved skin texture

Results can vary.

Refirme is a non-invasive skin tightening treatment.  Unlike many other treatments that physically burn the skin, Refirme skin tightening treatments are non-ablative and can require no downtime!  It can be safe and effective for men and women alike.  Refirme skin tightening combines the heat of infrared light and the stimulating power of radio frequency into one powerful treatment that can tighten the skin more effectively than any lotion on the market. Results can vary.

The energies used in Refirme skin tightening treatments can address issues in two ways:

1.  By instantly tightening the existing collagen fibers within the dermis, it can give the skin a firmer appearance and can supply a smoother texture immediately after treatment.

2.  By stimulating the long-term production of collagen to not only maintain these immediate results, it can also improve them even further over time.

Results can vary.

Refirme Treatment Areas

Refirme skin tightening treatments may be used to address concerns found on any or all of the following areas:

  • The Face
  • The Neck
  • The Abdomen
  • The Hands