Glendale Med Spa Services & Rejuvenation Treatments

Our med spa services are designed to specialize in minimally invasive treatments for:

  • Anti-aging and rejuvenation
  • Minimizing wrinkles and age spots
  • Improving your complexion
  • Relaxation

Abloom Med Spa offers many different treatment options to suit you and your budget. Come in and schedule a free consultation today, so we can help you become a more confident you. Let us know your areas of concern so we can develop an individual treatment plan to accomplish your goals. We take pride in focusing on each individual client and are not like franchise medical spas that consider quantity over quality. Our staff is dedicated to each client and is very attentive to each and every one of your needs. Below is a list and brief description of the med spa and rejuvenation treatments we offer, click on the links for more information. Call or visit us for pricing.

Vampire Facials & PRP

We boost collagen by harvesting your blood’s stem cells using PRP treatments and dermapen microneedling, which can then help battle the effects of aging.

Dermapen Microneedling 

This award-winning technology encourages collagen and helps your skin heal by causing micro-injuries via microneedling.


A popular rejuvenation treatment, microdermabrasions rid the skin of the dead top layer and encourage cell growth.

Chemical Peels

Unveil fresh skin with our popular chemical peels.  We offer a variety of chemical peels and can help choose the right one for your skin.


Relax and refresh your face with our signature facials, voted best in Glendale!.  Ask us about our seasonal facials such as pumpkin or chocolate.

Hand Rejuvenation Treatments

Hands are often forgotten but can easily show your age.  We offer treatments to even the skin tone on your hands and add lost volume so your hands do not show the veins so readily. We use a combination of Radiesse and photofacial treatments. Results can vary.


Rid your face of unwanted facial hair with our dermaplaning treatment.


If you have thin eye lashes, Latisse is a treatment that can help eyelashes thicken and look fuller.

Skincare Products

Abloom Med Spa carries a variety of top skincare products to help you maintain a more youthful look.  We offer products to add vitamins, boost collagen, protect against sun damage, and more.  We carry products from Image, SkinMedica, GloMinderals and our own Abloom line.

Turn Back the Clock – Anti-Aging Treatments

We also offer anti-aging treatment such as:

We also offer treatments to sculpt your body and reduce fat.

  • SmartLipo Triplex for Body Contouring and Reshaping
  • Kybella for double chins
  • HCG Diet Program

Our diet program includes an initial body composition analysis, pertinent lab work, weekly visits for weigh-ins and coaching, 23 Daily HCG injections, weekly B2 and B12 injections and continuous support.  After you have completed your initial HCG cycle, we will transition you into maintenance with support from our knowlegable staff and medical professionals.