Say Goodbye to Flabby Arms with Smartlipo

Do you have excess arm fat that bothers you?  In just one treatment, Smartlipo Triplex can get rid of extra arm fat. Results can vary.

Smartlipo Arm Before & After Photos

All the photos shown below are from Dr. Punia’s treatments performed at Abloom Med Spa. The photos are untouched other than placing in our photo frame.  Note:  Results can vary.


smartlipo before after arm photo

Smartlipo before & after arm photo. Results can vary.

Here are additional Smartlipo Triplex photos showing arm treatments.

smartlipo-arms smartlipo-arms

smartlipo arm before and after

Results can vary.

Smartlipo arm treatment benefits:

  • Can be done in one in-office procedure
  • Minimally invasive*
  • Minimal downtime
  • Requires only general anesthesia
  • Tightens skin and melts away fat*

*Results can vary.

Dr. Punia, highly experienced in smartlipo, performs all our treatments at Abloom Med Spa.

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What a difference one procedure can make!