Like a cheerleading squad for your skin, anti-oxidant serums give your skin the boost it needs to fight free radicals and environmental stress.  Anti-oxidants not only prevents sun damage but also reverses aging from the sun.

Abloom Med Spa knows it is just as important to prevent sun damage as it is to protect yourself from it.  When you used together, antioxidant and sunscreen provide comprehensive protection against UV-induced photodamage that can lead to serious skin conditions including skin cancer.

Even the best broad spectrum sunscreen can only block up to 55% of the damaging free radicals generated by UV exposure, but antioxidants are specially designed and clinically proved to provide the most advanced protection from environmental aging.  When used together with sunscreen it provides the ultimate protection by preventing the visible signs of photoaging and promoting optimal skin health.

Abloom Med Spa carries a variety of these miracle fighters of anti-aging and sun damage, including the award winning C E Ferulic by Skinceuticals.

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