One of the places people really show their age is their hands.  We are so focused on a youthful face with anti-aging treatments, that we forget about our hands.  Help is here.

Do Your Hands Give Away Your Age?

As we age, our hands lose firmness and plumpness and begin to look bony and frail, with veins and joints showing more prominently.  Brown spots and sun exposure take their toll as well.  Combating our aging hands takes more than hand cream.  The latest technology and rejuvenation treatments give us the tools to aid our aging hands.

Restore More Youthful Hands with RadiesseHandRejuvenationBefore&After

Radiesse injections immediately re-plump and replenish volume to the back of the hands to provide a supple, and youthful appearance instantly.  By placing the Radiesse beneath the skin, it raises the skin level so that tendons, veins and joints lose their prominence.  Radiesse provides instant and durable long lasting results.

Because Radiesse provides a scaffolding for collagen-building, the body’s own collagen interweaving into this structure keeps the skin feeling natural and smooth.

How Radiesse Works

Radiesse has proven to be a very versatile facial contouring product and has demonstrated durable augmentation in areas such as chin and cheek where a larger volume is required. It maintains a soft, natural feel and takes on the characteristics of the surrounding skin tissue.

Results typically last 1 – 2 years. Radiesse does not require allergy testing. Radiesse is a safe, effective and non-surgical treatment, which provides immediate smoothing of wrinkles, scars and the replenishment of volume loss.

IPL to Minimize Age Spots and Hyper-Pigmentation

If your hands have age spots, sun spots, liver spots also known as hyper-pigmentation, IPL treatments can help break up the pigmentation so the body can eliminate it.

For the future, insist on using sun screen on your hands to protect against future sun damage.

Note:  Persistent use of sunscreen is necessary, no matter what cosmetic procedure you choose.

The Hand Rejuvenation Process

Volume Replenishment – Get instant results with Radiesse which will last many months. Typically 1 syringe of Radiesse is needed per hand to attain a full smooth replacement of volume to the back of the hands.  In some instances, one more syringe may be necessary if your hands have lost substantial amounts of their natural fat and volume.  Men may require up to 2 syringes per hand if their hands are large.

Brown Spot Removal – With IPL treatments, we can diminish the brown spots, sun spots and hyperpigmentation that age the hands.

With our hand rejuvenation treatment, your hands will be well on their way to looking younger.  Call (623) 691-8319 to book your appointment!