Pre and Post Love Handles

Actual Abloom Client Smartlipo Triplex of the Love Handles


There is nothing lovely about those Love Handles.  So what are love handes?  Love Handles are those areas of extra fat that hang or slightly bulge from the sides, and are also the little rolls on the lower back. Both men and women can have these and it often contributes to the non-flattering muffin top look.

The reason many men and women tend to store fat is due to the effects of hormones on fat storage. The hormone responsible for love handles is insulin.  If you are insulin resistant, which is the inability to efficieintly clear glucose (sugar), you may find that through excercise and diet you have lost some fat, but may have reached a plateau and are struggling to lose more, especially in the love handles.  Insulin resistance is common, particularly in people who are previously overweight.  Often times these areas do not respond to traditional diet and exercise alone.

Gyms across the country often times offer “site specific training,” but the reality of such training is that often times they are easy and do not go a long way in delivering the results you crave.  The goal with exercise is to get total body taxation with a combination of explosive exercises.  This is a process that requires extreme dedication, mental toughness and hardwork, but with time and dedication you will acheive the results you desire.

However, now with one treatment of Smartlipo Triplex You can Lose the Love Handles before Summer hits Arizona!

Actual Abloom Smartlipo Triplex Client Procedure Abdomen and Love Handles

Actual Abloom Smartlipo Triplex Client Procedure Abdomen and Love Handles

It is the first and most sophisticated laser-assisted lipolysis system to offer a revolutionary and minimally invasive procedure for the removal of fat. It provides the benefits of more effective fat removal and less down time and side effects than traditional liposuction; collagen stimulation, skin tightening, and permanent destruction of fat cells. You’ll see immediate results that continue to get better with time.Benefits

Smartlipo Triplex offers several benefits for our Arizona Liposuction Patients:

  • Fat is dissolved with laser light, a more gentle approach than traditional liposuction
  • Smartlipo Triplex can be used on almost any area of the body
  • The procedure stimulates collagen production, resulting in tighter skin
  • Because incisions are small, the procedure causes only minimal scarring
  • Only relatively brief recovery period is required-as little as 24 hours
  • The procedure can be performed under local anesthesia


Treatments with Smartlipo Triplex are considered alternatives to traditional liposuction in Arizona; however Smartlipo Triplex is similar to Phoenix tumescent liposuction since a tumescent solution is injected under the skin in the area to be treated.  Once the treatment area has been infused with this solution, an optical fiber attached to a very small cannula (wand-like tube) is then inserted under the skin in the area to be treated.

The cannula is moved back and forth in a wand-like motion, causing fat cells in the treatment area to rupture and liquefy.  Once liquefied, the fat is then easily suctioned away through the cannula.  The laser also helps to cauterize blood vessels.  This allows patients at Abloom Med Spa to experience the full results of a liposuction treatment, without as much bleeding, bruising, pain or downtime as other methods.  The laser also stimulates collagen production helping to tighten the skin after treatment.

Common Areas

Common Areas include: neck, abdomen, bra roll, love handles, bat wing (arms), thighs (inner and outer), male breasts, jowls, chin, saddle bags.

Actual Abloom Client Smartlipo Procedure of the Neck

Actual Abloom Client Smartlipo Procedure of the Neck

Recovery and Results Once the procedure is complete, a pressure garment may be applied to help decrease swelling.  Because of the treatment’s minimally invasive nature, most normal activities can be resumed in as little as 24 hours.  Immediate results will be noticed by patients, however the best results are usually seen in 6 to 8 weeks; this allows for full reduction in swelling.  In addition, the dimpling, rippling, bumps and pockets that have been associated with traditional liposuction are generally not seen with the Smartlipo Triplex Procedure.

SMARTLIPO TRIPLEX PROCEDURES START AS LOW AS $1500.00 an Area.(*subject to BMI and surgical fees)  Book Your Free Consultation to Learn about this Innovative Procedure.

If you would like to know more about Smartlipo Triplex or our other Aesthetic Procedures, request your complimentary consultation online, or call us at 623-691-8319.  Dr. Sudeep Punia and the rest of the team at Abloom Med Spa provide leading-edge techniques for cosmetic improvement in a comfortable supportive atmosphere.  At our office in Glendale, Arizona, we serve men and women from the West Valley and all over Arizona including Glendale, Peoria, Avondale, Surprise, Litchfield Park, GoodYear, Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Flagstaff.