Tumeric's healing properties

Turmeric has been used for centuries for its valuable medical skin benefits in the eastern hemisphere. Turmeric has proven anti-inflammatory antioxidant and bacterial properties. It is a wonder product of nature for the skin!

Many Skin Benefits:

  • Antibacterial – Used for generations for healing wounds and treating skin infections, it also disinfects skin and combats acne.
  • Anti inflammatory – Helps reduce redness from blemishes and rosacea.
  • Anti Aging – Antioxidant property fends off free radicals that cause pre-mature aging also stimulates new cell growth to improve skin elasticity.
  • Facial Hair Control – It has been observed that daily use helps slow down facial hair growth.
  • Lightens Pigmentation – Daily use is known to lighten pigmentation and even skin tone.
  • Oily Skin Control – It reduces oily skin and improves skin texture. Those with oily skin will love Turmeric.
  • Anti Acne – Due to its anti-bacterial properties, it helps combat and heal acne, also has the ability to reduce acne scaring.
  • Decrease Pigmentation – It lightens pigmentation and evens out skin tone with continued use.
  • Lightens Stretch Marks – Lightens the appearance and size of stretch marks.

Control Dandruff and Hair Loss – Turmeric is good for itchy scalp, dandruff and hair loss.

Heals cracked heels – Mixed with coconut oil and applied, it heals cracked heels and makes them softer.

Abloom offers a wonderful skin care product using Tumeric.

Introducing Glo Therapeutics Brightening Polish

tumeric healing with glo therapeuticsGlo Therapeutics Brightening Polish brightens and refreshes skin by gently exfoliating and removing dead skin cells and debris to enhance absorption of natural brighteners, beauty products, and can be used as a brightening mask if left on for 5 10 minutes. It reduces and improves the appearance of wrinkles, dark spots, dull skin, and freckles.

Brightening Polish ingredient Spotlight (Independent Clinical Results) Lumiskin significantly improves skin’s radiance.

  • Increased brightness – 71%
  • Pigmented areas reduced – 54%
  • More even complextion – 65%
  • Improved radiance – 74%

Glo Therapeutics Brightening Polish Benefits:
For all skin types and hyperpigmentation, freckling, and dull complexions. Gently exfoliates to reveal fresh skin. Improves skin texture and tone Moisturizes skin.

Stop by to pick up your brightening polish at Abloom Med Spa today! Let your skin benefit from natural healing products.