To fully reap the rewards of a facial there are certain regimens to follow, before and after your treatment to ensure you receive the best results.

Facial Before:

  1. DON’T use products containing retina, retinol or hydroquinone in the three day window, prior to your facial. These products are known to cause irritation when combined with a facial.
  2. DO keep using your normal skincare routine that does not contain these ingredients. It is important that your aesthetician understands your skins regular condition.
  3. DON’T drink a lot of alcohol prior to your appointment.  Alcohol not only dehydrates you and your skin, but also thins your blood vessels which could potentially cause irritation.
  4. DO drink a lot of water to ensure your skin is optimally hydrated.
  5. DON’T binge on oily food.
  6. DO use gentle cleanser in the morning and at night along with a weekly exfoliator. This will prepare your skin to soak in the benefits of a facial.


  1. DON’T enter a steam room or sauna; skip the work out. Heating your face with either exercise or excessive heat will strip away all the work you just had done to your face to make it glow.
  2. DON’T touch your face or wash it. This includes your nightly face cleanser.
  3. DON’T use home facial remedies for at least 72 hours after your facial.
  4. Do stay out of the sun as much as possible. Most facials involve scrubs and peels that leave a fresh new layer of skin which cause’s your sun to become vulnerable to sun exposure.
  5. DON’T pick at pimples. Chances are they’re not ready to be popped yet.

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