IPL before your next big event

Life’s big events like weddings, birthdays, holiday gatherings, high school and college reunions, etc. are things you plan for. We’ll tell you why you should get a photofacial before you next big event. You want to look your very best. You want your complexion at its best so you can reflect a healthy radiant glow.  Am I right?

IPL’s use therapeutic light energy as a gentle skin rejuvenation.

Why You Should Get a Photofacial Before your Next Big Event?  

IPL’s also called Photofacials can:

  • Improve your complexion
  • Minimize brown spots and age spots
  • Mimimize mild wrinkles
  • Improve uneven pigment, text and rosacea
  • Help with mild acne scarring.

Advantages of IPLs include:

  • Non-invasive
  • Encourages the production of collagen, a natural protein that fills in wrinkles, making skin supple and smooth
  • Allows doctor to make cosmetic improvements conveniently, quickly and with little risk or discomfort.
  • Less expensive than other treatments such as laser skin treatments
  • It’s nonablative, meaning no skin is removed during the procedure
  • Has little to no downtime

Additional IPL’s can be done to improve the results. We recommend up to five full-face IPLs/photofacial sessions spaced three weeks apart for optimal results.

How IPL’s work

IPL Photofacial sale

IPL Photofacial Before and After Photo

The pulses of light causes collagen and blood vessels below the epidermis to constrict, thereby reducing redness and age lines.  Involving only minimal discomfort, while the redness and swelling that sometimes occur after the treatment should disappear shortly.

When Will IPL Benefits Show?

Most benefits from a photofacial occur gradually in the weeks following the treatment. For even greater cosmetic enhancement, we offer Fotofacial RF, a procedure that combines radio waves with light waves to achieve excellent results.

Are You an IPL Candidate?

People who can benefits from IPL’s have:

  • Blotchy, sun-damaged skin
  • Discolored skin
  • Large pores, freckles or wrinkles

When an IPL is performed on the right client, it can improve skin texture, reduce pore size, eliminate discoloration, and minimize fine lines and wrinkles.  For more serious issues – heavy facial lines and severe acne scars, people may want to consider injectables for minimizing wrinkles and adding volume, Vampire facials to build collagen or Dermapen Microneedling to minimize acne scarring.

Who is not a Good Candidate

Let’s be honest, people with naturally dark skin or tanned sometimes can experience changes in skin pigmentation after an IPL treatment. Please discuss this treatment with us so we can recommend the best treatment given your skin and beauty goals.  People who take the medication Accutane® should not have an IPL for at least six months after using the drug. It is not recommended for pregnant women until after they give birth.

Recovery Time

Here’s some good news – the recovery time for an IPL treatment is short, as little damage is done to the skin during the treatment.  Any side effects of an IPL/Photofacial treatment dissipate within a few hours for most patients. For some patients, however; the redness or dark spots may take a week to fade away. If you are being treated for severe acne, which requires more of an IPL, the recovery time may be longer.

Stay out of the sun for several days after an IPL/Photofacial and wear plenty of sunblock for at least two weeks after the procedure.  (We recommend daily sunblock as part of your normal beauty regimen.)  Photofacials can give excellent results for a year or more, but you must take care of your skin to ensure the benefits are fully realized.

Where to Get a Photofacial Before Your Next Event

Call (623) 691-8319 to book your treatment or to schedule a free consultation with Abloom Med Spa. IPL’s can help your skin look radiant before your next event.