In the United Kingdom, Allergan has launched a very informative campaign to help men and women get informed on facial fillers.  As we age, our face changes from the effects of natural aging, gravity, the effects sun, pollution and lifestyle.  With helpful information, you can learn the safe and effective solutions that injectables offer.

We can help you age the way you want to!  Abloom Med Spa offers all the fillers mentioned in this information and can help you with a treatment plan tailored to your skin and beauty goals.

With Allergan’s “This Is Me” campaign, we are introduced to successful women who are aging the way they want to.  Meet Helle who is 36 years old.

“I don’t subscribe to the idea that as you get older you have to choose between your face and your figure. I had facial fillers because as a workout queen, my face was losing volume as my body was getting in shape. Facial fillers really plumped up my cheeks again and gave me natural-looking results which are really important to me. I also travel a lot for work so looking refreshed despite all the flying is great. I found talking to a practitioner helped me pinpoint the areas that I wanted help with so I would definitely recommend having a chat with them.”


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