According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Botox use is up for men 310%.  385,000 U.S. men received a Botox treatment in 2013 which is a 310% increase! 

Over the years, the popularity of BOTOX has spread from celebrities and their wrinkle-free foreheads to soccer moms.  Now, men are seeing the advantages of BOTOX treatments as well.  The number one reason men like botox is to reduce the creases and wrinkles in their face, which tend to show your age.  Famous men like Simon Cowell and Patrick Dempsey have admitted to using Botox.

Why is Botox Use for Men Up?

One of the factors driving the adoption of Botox in men may be age discrimination.  According the AARP Public Policy Institute, nearly two-thirds of workers between the ages of 45 and 74 say they have seen or experienced age discrimination on the job.  With unemployment rates high and a competitive market, men are finding it important to look their very best.

One busy New York doctor has seen a big increase in the men at his practice using BOTOX.  When he asks, most of the men say: “My wife or girlfriend said I need to get rid of that line.”  Other men see their wives or girlfriends looking better with BOTOX use and want to do the same.  Thank you wives and girlfriends for driving botox use up for men.

Botox is a treatment which can be quickly done during the lunch hour with very little downtime.  It does require men to come back every four to six months for maintenance injections.

Botox for men use up

More and More Men are Discovering the Benefits of Botox

If you know a man who could use some “Brotox”, don’t let him be shy.  Schedule a free consultation or make an appointment at Abloom at (623) 691-8319.  For further reading on Botox use up for men, check out this article recently published on CNN Money.