Abloom Med Spa offers Radiesse in Glendale to fight against aging. Aging is a process no one can escape, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot use certain products to help fight the aging process. As people get older their skin tends to lose its radiance and with the help of Radiesse people can find a solution to help with facial lines, wrinkles and skin laxity.


As people begin to age their facial skin starts to lose collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, which supply the face with volume and suppleness.  Radiesse Volumizing Filler helps to erase lines and folds. The results are immediate and once injected into the face you will see a diminishing affect in the signs of aging. This new revolution in anti-aging treatment acts as a scaffold under the skin, which provides a stimulation of your natural collagen to continue to grow. The natural re-growth of your natural collagen allows for Radiesse to last for 8 months to over a year.

Why Choose Radiesse?

 Abloom Med Spa

  • Radiesse is the only anti-aging filer that shows immediate results.
  • Radiesse replenishes lost volume.
  • Radiesse stimulates production of natural collagen
  • Radiesse is clinically proven to last longer
  • Radiesse is FDA approved
  • Radiesse treatments are quick and convenient

Abloom Med Spa

Abloom Medical Spa’s experienced and courteous staff will help you achieve the results you desire. Since no two clients are the same, our staff individually tailors individual packages that will give you the best results. We strive to offer a relaxing enviroment and are committed to using the newest technology in order to ensure our clients are receiving the best results possible. We will do everything possible to make sure your are happy with your results. If you are interested in receiving Radiesse treatments today call or visit us to schedule a no obligation free consultation today!

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