Here’s a few tricks or ways to look younger and erase the years.

1.  Fight Acne

Did you know, nearly 30% of women suffer from adult acne?  Avoid eating refined foods such as white bread and pasta.  Recent research found these foods pump up production of the hormone androgen, increasing oil production and triggering breakouts.  Abloom offers a number of acne treatments to help such as our acne facial and our Elos Acne Therapy.

2.  Rethink Powder

Consider skipping powder if you notice powder settling into fine lines.  According to Bobbi Brown, older skin usually doesn’t product the extra shine that normally calls for powdering your face.

3.  Eat an Orange a DayOrange

Consuming 75 mg of Vitamin C a day (the amount in a grapefruit) helps ward off wrinkles.  Its been found that women 40 and older who had greater amounts of vitamin C in the diets were 11% less likely to develop wrinkles.

4.  Preserve Moisture

Before you put on your base makeup, apply moisturizer to help keep your foundation from looking cakey on age-dried skin.  Also avoid oil-free makeup with matte finishes.

5. Create Fuller Cheeks

Because of gradual collagen loss, our cheeks become more concave with age.  To crete the illusion of fullness, sweep blush on the apple of your cheek rather than contouring your hceeks, and don’t apply dark blush in cheek hollows.  Now you can also get fuller cheeks with Juvéderm Voluma XC (see our previous blog post).

Stay tuned for more ideas to look younger!