8 reasons why you breakout

Unexpected reasons you breakout with acne

We can all get breakouts, but you may not realize how you are contributing to those annoying zits. Here are 8 reasons why you breakout.

  1. Not Washing Your Face.  You have to cleanse your face everyday, even if you are skipping wearing makeup. Dead skin and oil collect throughout the day, regardless of whether you have makeup on.  If you don’t wash this off, it leads to breakouts.

When you wash your face, it’s important to stimulate the lymph system. This gets much needed oxygen and blood circulating in your face.  We recommend you start at your forehead, work down towards your nose and then outward towards the cheeks and then your chin and neck.  Using a good cleanser helps you maintain healthy skin.

2.  Your Boyfriend/Significant Other’s Facial Hair.  Did you know that all that rubbing up against his 5 o’clock shadow or beard stimulates oil production in your skin?  Try not to get so much rubbing between his facial hair and your face.

3.  Using Skin Care Products that Clog Pores.  Try to stay away from mineral oil and heavy moisturizing agents in some lotions.  They cause clogged pores.  Look for items labeled “noncomedogenic” to help.

4.  Eating Spicy Foods. Certain spicy foods with tomatoes and peppers contain acidic lycopene which can be an irritant to some people’s skin.

5.  You Smoke.  Whenever you light up a cigarette, you are decreasing the amount of oxygen that goes to your face.  Lack of oxygen can cause the breakdown of collagen and elastin, which leads to wrinkles and large pores.  Smoking can also irritate your skin and dry it out.

6.  You Are Stressed.  Let’s face it, stress triggers acne. When you are stressed out and under pressure, your skin produces stress hormones, including cortisol.  This can stimulate your oil glands and increase oil production and glos pores.

7.  Don’t Touch your Face.  Some people avoid touching their hair so it doesn’t get greasy. This also applies to the face.  Throughout the day, everything we touch is full of bacteria.  If you touch your face, that same bacteria is brought to your face – and voila – BREAKOUTS.  Try to keep your phone away from your skin when you talk as well.

8.  Accessories can wreak havoc.  Headbands, scarves, hats  can actually contribute to breakouts. These items absorb makeup and oil from touching your forehead.  How many of you actually wash your hats, scarves or headbands after you wear them?  Probably not too many of us. And that is where the problem lies. Wash them regularly to keep them free of oil and makeup.  (And skip the fabric softeners which can use ingredients that can cause poors).

Hopefully you can avoid these causes of acne to help minimize breakouts.  If you still struggle with acne, Abloom Med Spa offers acne treatments to help. Call (623) 691-8319 for a free consultation.